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SCBA – Sevier County Beekeepers Associations

A resource for apiarists and anyone interested in honey, beekeeping, and pollination

Sevier County Beekeepers

Sevier County Beekeepers

When do we meet?

Sevier County Beekeepers Association meets at the King Family Library at 7P.M. on the first Monday of every month, except September and January. Everyone of any age is welcome to attend.

One Response to “SCBA”

  1. ANGELA HARDIN says:

    Hi, we are new to bee keeping. We came to last months meeting
    but unfortunately we missed Monday’s meeting because we are taking the Bee Masters class at UT this week. We will certainly be there next month. So, we are hoping to find a mentor in the Seymour/Sevierville area since this is where our Apiary will be located. (Off Boyds Creek Road) and was wondering if there was someone y’all could put us in contact with. We will be getting our first package within a few days then also a nuc at the end of the month. We know we are late in the season but our first place to get bees fell through so here we are. Any help would be appreciated.

    Angela Hardin
    Richard Hardin

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